Frequently Asked Questions

What is the The Pip Box?

The Pip Box is a monthly beauty subscription box which promotes and features only cruelty-free  (brands that do not test on animals) and vegan products. 

Where do you ship too?

We ship worldwide! UK postage is free, E. postage is £1.50 and rest of world is just £3.50. 

Our Limited Edition Kits and advent calendars have slightly different shipping costs. 

When do you ship your boxes?

Our boxes are on sale until around the 20th of each month. They are then shipped on or around the 20th. Most subscribers receive their box by the 26th of the month, although boxes sent overseas to Europe have been known to take much longer (up to 3 weeks!).  

I ordered my box last month but it hasn't arrived yet?

Our cut off dates for each box each month is usually around the 20th of the month, although our boxes often sell out early (we've sold out as early at the 4th of the month!). That means if you signed up for a Pip Box after either the cut of date, or sold out date (which ever came first) you will be first in the queue to receive next months box, but you will have missed the current months box. You will not be charged again until you have received your first Pip Box. 

I think my box has gone missing in the post, what should I do?

Don't worry! Email our team on and we will look into your missing Pip Box for you straight away.

Do you provide tracking numbers?

Our UK orders are partially tracked - pop an email over and we can check your boxes shipping status.

When will I know my box is on its way?

You will receive a dispatch email to the email address you registered with to let you know your Pip Box is on its way! 

What products will be included in each box?

The products included will be a selection of cruelty-free and vegan make-up, skincare, hair care and bath and body care. The brands will vary every month so you get to try out lots of different products! We will offer sneak peeks of featured products on our social media, but most months the products will be a surprise. Items may vary per box, featured items are subject to availability. 

How much are the products worth? Are they all samples?

The RRP of each box varies per month, but on average is around £55+ per month, so you're always getting a great deal. Where possible we always try to feature full sized products, and we make sure we avoid very small samples (for the 5 beauty items). Extras samples are sometimes included. 

Can I give a Pip Box subscription as a gift?

Yes, we offer digital gift vouchers, perfect for a last minute gift. These can be purchased in our shop and arrive via email. They allow your gift recipient to set up a subscription at a time that best suits them.

Why only cruelty-free products? 

We are firmly against testing on animals for cosmetic purposes. It's the reason why we started The Pip Box in the first place! It's our mission to encourage our subscribers to use only cruelty-free products. Every year thousands of animals die unnecessarily undergoing cruel cosmetic tests and there are plenty of humane alternative test available. 

How do you ensure a brand is cruelty-free?

Firstly we will only approach brands who advertise and promote themselves as cruelty-free. Once we've made contact we will check their company policy on animal testing, and lastly before they are featured all suppliers are requested to sign a Pip Box cruelty-free declaration form for added peace of mind. 

What's your stance on parent owned companies?

We know lots of people differ in opinion when it comes to supporting a cruelty-free brand that is parent owned by a non cruelty-free brand. Here at The Pip Box we are happy to support parent owned brands providing the company in question acts independently from their parent owner. We believe by supporting cruelty-free brands we are showing their parent owners that there is a need, want and demand for cruelty-free and vegan products, hopefully encouraging them to switch all the brands they own over to cruelty-free production.

Are your boxes vegan friendly too?

Yes all products featured are always vegan friendly.

Are there any hidden fees?

None at all. 

I'm visually impaired, could I receive the box leaflet and literature digitally?

Of course you can, simply pop us an email to let us know and we will make sure a digital version is emailed over to you on dispatch day. 

I didn't get chance to pick my Pip Box up from the post office and now it's been returned to sender.

If you didn't get chance to pick you Pip Box up from the post office and it's been returned, once we have it back we will pop an email over to let you know. A re-delivery change will need to be paid before we can re-post it back out. This is one cost of £3 and can be purchased via our shop. We will keep returned parcels for 30 calendar days. Once that time has past the box will no longer be available for re-delivery and we can not offer a refund.  

How do I cancel?

If you want to cancel, just send us an email and we'll sort it out for you straight away, or log into your customer account. Remember you can always skip a month too!

I'm a brand or blogger - can we collaborate?

Yes of course, just get in touch , we'd love to hear from you. Email:

Can't find an answer to your question? 

Don't worry! Just pop it in an email and we'll back back to you as soon as we can!

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. 

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